Community Living Services

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Program Design Overview

NCI Affiliates, INC serves individuals who live in various other apartment complexes and mobile home parks throughout the area and/or in an apartment or housing on their parent’s property. The needs of the persons currently served range from approximately 20-100 hours of service per month.

Supported Living Program will focus on creative ways in which training and support is provided. NCI/AHI will enable and encourage people to experience pride of ownership and individual lifestyles. AHI will support full community access to cultural entertainment, (Individual planned) group day travel, and short trips to Las Vegas, Laughlin, Camping, and much more. Individuals are active in the community, having developed many natural supports and friendships with neighbors, local business owners and other community members.


The goals of Supported Living Services, quite simply, rest upon the belief that having a disability should not preclude someone from exposure to the same range of experience which non-disabled people share. All people want to experience the following:

  • Health and Safety.
  • Power of personal choice.
  • Personal value and positive recognition by self and others.
  • Range of physical and social community experience.
  • Good relationships with family and friends.
  • Manage daily activities and pursue personal goals

Inclusion in the Community

True inclusion and acceptance into the community depends primarily upon the development of personal relationship and ultimately, friendships. Therefore, AHI believes supports to assist in the development of authentic friendships should be the cornerstone of services in the area of community inclusion. AHI hopes to focus on discovering what the individual likes to do and facilitating their involvement in these activities. Typical places and activities in which community functions and business are conducted could include the following:

Leisure/recreation: restaurants, parks, library, Cinema, theatre, music, tours and trips, team and individual sports and other forms of recreation.

Hobbies: art, fishing, crafts, collecting, pets etc.

Continuing education and /or personal development: classes and seminars through the Community college, community center and private businesses.

Club an/or organizational activities: churches, political, social, and civic and/or services organizations.

Personal business: banking, laundry, shopping, beauty shop / barber, post office and other types of errands.

Volunteerism: hospitals, schools, libraries, public administration and elected officials’ offices, parks, animal shelters, charities, churches, etc.

As AHI assists the individuals in discovering their interests and facilitating their meaningful involvement in these activities, friendships will be developed, people’s support networks will grow, and true inclusion will become a reality.

Target Population

Applicants for services must meet all three of AHI’s Admission Criteria:

  1. The individual referred must have a medically certifiable mental and/or physical disability which requires the services of the program and is deem eligible for Tri-Counties Regional Center Services.
  2. The individual referred by some means must communicate their desire to receive Supported Living Services.
  3. The individual referred, through the provision of appropriate supports, must not pose a threat to their own or others safety, in accessing these services.

Program Quality Standards

NCI/AHI’s Supported Living Program will be operated under the guidelines and standards as defined in the CARF manuals. It is our desire to meet, exceed and improve upon these standards through experience gained in providing services. At a minimum, the following certification and accreditation criteria will be met:

  1. Department of Developments Services for Support Living Service standards 16
  2. CARF standards for integrated living

For More Information About Community Living Services

Please contact Carlos Olveda, Community Living Services Director for Achievement House/ NCI Affiliates, by phone at 805-238-6603 or by email at

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