Individual & Direct Placement

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Program Design Overview

The purpose of Individual Placement (IP) is to prepare individuals for working with the general labor force. Appropriate placements are established according to the person’s individual objectives, training needs, abilities and the specific needs of the employer. Individuals use public transportation to and from work whenever possible or their own vehicle if they can drive and have a car. Mobility training is also available. Achievement House staff will be assigned to provide on the job training 1:1, as well as assimilation into the work environment.

The percentage if support is determined by the needs of the individual and the work schedule. The staff will ensure that all Department of Labor and Safety requirements are met.

The Direct Placement Program provides an opportunity for individuals to secure suitable employment in their community. Referrals to this program are made by the Department of Rehabilitation for individuals who are not eligible for Regional Center Services.


To assist adults with developmental disabilities of San Luis Obispo County in the acquisition and retention of integrated community employment options, either in groups or through individual placements, to maximize employment potential, vocational choice, independence and earnings in the least restrictive environment.

Program Values

  • Educate the local business community of the benefits of hiring individuals with disabilities.
  • Provide a variety of quality vocational training services to individuals with disabilities.
  • Provide an atmosphere that challenges the individual, promotes personal growth, teaches self-empowerment, independence and recognizes accomplishments.
  • Encourage the individual to communicate their vocational objectives, in order to set obtainable goals.
  • Provide positive natural support in the workplace.
  • Support and encourage with opportunities to work independently within the community.

Inclusion in the Community

Job Development and placement services are designed to focus on fostering an individual-driven system. Job Development will occur as a function of individuals’ preferences and skills, with jobs developed for specific individuals. As such, placements shall reflect the desires, interests, abilities as well as the individual’s long-term career goals.

Program Quality Standards

AHI’s Individual & Direct Placement operates under the guidelines and standards as defined in the CARF manuals. At minimum, the following certification and accreditation criteria will be met with the following standards:

  1. Department of Developmental Services-
  2. CARF standards for Activity Center Trainings-
  3. Tri-Counties Regional Center- Case Management

For More Information

Please contact Traci Hollinger, Sr. Regional Director of Client Services for Individual & Direct Placement Program for Achievement House/ NCI Affiliates by phone at 805-543-9383 or by email at

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