Social Wellness & Health Program

Program Overview

Social Wellness and Health Program is intended to provide a new training model that incorporates social skills with physical, emotional and occupational wellness for individuals served in San Luis Obispo county.

This program design is intended to provide a deeper understanding and development of self-empowerment and the passions of one’s life that enhances the core values as well as influences friendships and relationships, heathy lifestyle choices, exercise and physical/emotional awareness. The program will include a broad and diverse based curriculum that will be individualized to meet specific individual goals and needs.


To enhance and develop their quality of life, self-empowerment and self-worth as well as build and maintain confidence and a healthy lifestyle that allows them to continue personal and professional growth and development within the community.
Implementation of the program design, specific to individual needs as identified in the Individual Service Plan (ISP) is intended to achieve the following goals:

  • Develop and maintain an understanding of occupational, environmental, social, emotional and physical wellness in order to allow for a more self-empowering and motivating life
  • Improve physical wellbeing through appropriate exercises and nutrition
  • Encourage individuals to life a more fulfilling life by promoting healthy lifestyle choices and encouraging more participation in physical activities both within our program and within the community
  • Computer skills and basic software program training with an emphasis on using the internet and social media for job searches and educational resources
  • To deepen the understanding of preventative healthcare and building a goal-oriented approach to wellness.

Inclusion in the Community

True inclusion and acceptance into the community depends primarily upon the development of personal relationship and ultimately, friendships. Therefore, AHI believes supports to assist in the development of authentic friendships should be the cornerstone of services in the area of community inclusion. AHI hopes to focus on discovering what the individual likes to do and facilitating their involvement in these activities

Program Quality Standards

AHI’s Supported Employment will be operated under the guidelines and standards as defined in the CARF manuals. At minimum, the following certification and accreditation criteria will be met with the following standards:

    1. Department of Developmental Services –
    2. CARF standards for Acivity Center Trainings –
    3. 3.Tri Counties Regional Center – Case Management

Contact Us

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