Student Services Program

Program Overview

Individuals eligible to participate in our programs should be sixteen or older, have an Individual Education Plan (IEP) or 504 Plan with their school district, and a developmental disability. The work experience program provides an opportunity for students with disabilities to have a time limited work-based learning experience, with little to no work history, the opportunity to explore competitive intergraded work environments.

Working alongside a Job developer who assists participants learn how to engage in the workforce. The individuals will identify an employment goal, properly complete an employment application, prepare a resume, mock interviews, and utilize appropriate job search methods. AHI will serve as the employer of record and will be responsible for developing and monitoring the work experience opportunity with a business.


  • Maximize the number of students that have access to job exploration and work experience.
  • Optimize the number of students to obtain competitive employment.
  • Maximize the number of students that complete all 100 hours of work experience authorized
  • Minimize the time of referral to placement.

Partnerships are formed by utilizing methods in the fields of vocational rehabilitation, counseling, marketing and sales. The Job Developer is dedicated to meeting the needs of our student participants who are looking to explore and engage in on the job training in the community settings and the employers who are willing to provide an environment that is nurturing and supportive to their employment goal.

Program Quality Standards

AHI’s Student services will be operated under the guidelines and standards as defined in the CARF manuals. At minimum, the following certification and accreditation criteria will be met with the following standards:

    1. Department of Developmental Services –
    2. 2.CARF standards for Activity Center Trainings –
    3. 3.Tri-Counties Regional Center – Case Management

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