Virtual Programming

Welcome Owls to NCI & AHI Virtual Programming Classes, each topic is carefully selected to promote education and facilitate community from a far. Check out the calendar below to jump into class and start fostering knowledge together.
NCI & AHI Virtual Programming
Month of January
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:00 AM

Martha – Morning Joe

Martha – Mobility Training

Martha – Leadership

Martha – Self-Advocacy

Martha – News Reels

10:00 AM

Something with Sam

Deb – Personal Safety

Steven V – Yoga

Shannon – In the garden


11:00 AM

Jenn – Employment Empowerment

Special Olympics – Vanesa

Jenn – Mind Your Manners

Jenn – Money Management

Kevin – Music Appreciation

12:00 PM

Wendy – Health And Wellness

Lote’-craft projects

Jenn – Fun with Food

Jenn – Super Stories

Lote’-craft projects

1:00 PM

Dance & Karoke

Deb – Fun & Games

Mina – World Cultures

Gricelda- Spanish


2:00 PM

Martha – Safety Class

Arts & crafts – Patricia

Drawing – Courtney

Arts & crafts – Patricia

Lori – jokes and riddles

Tech Support for each Region

NCI NORTH – Ngan Nguyen
NCI SOUTH – Vanessa Corona
AHI NORTH – Mina Donkor
AHI SOUTH – Jessica Jolliffe
Feature Videos:

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