Work Activity Program

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Program Design Overview

To provide training and employment through structured, goal-oriented services to individuals with mental and or/ physical disabilities of San Luis Obispo County. To augment behavioral and work skills by providing a realistic and challenging work experience, counseling and job-related training as to enhance employability, self-advocacy, confidence and independence.

In the Work Activity Program (WAP), participation may elect to be involved in contractual assembly and direct mail services or on base community crews, providing services to several local businesses.

Work Activity Program Goals

The goals of the WAP program resets upon assisting individuals in experiencing a variety of work situations and structuring these experiences so that individual’s needs and preferences are addressed while challenging capabilities and facilitating personal growth. Ultimately, the program strives to replicate an industrial work setting that might exist naturally in the community with the same standards for behavior and performance.

Work Activity Programs take place at vocational sites. Work is contracted by a business or organization and completed on site. Tasks include:

• Nursery Maintenance

• Janitorial

• Customer service

• Light Assembly

• Packing

• Clerical

• Bulk Mailing

Bring the work to us or we can pick it up, Contact Us for more information on these services.

Relationship to the Community

AHI is well known and valued within our local communities. The agency is committed to taking a leadership role in integrating people with disabilities into the local communities. We firmly believe our communities are ‘ready’ to accept, integrate and form meaningful relationships with individuals with disabilities. AHI, in working with individuals and other members of our community will work to facilitate the inclusion and involvement of persons with disabilities in all facets of community life.

WAP is to provide experiences and training to an individual for them to feel confident enough in their abilities to move into full-time community integrated employment opportunities such as those offered in supported employments and in and individual placement.

Program Quality Standards

AHI’s Activity Center Program will be operated under the guidelines and standards as defined in the CARF manuals. At minimum, the following certification and accreditation criteria will be met with the following standards:

  1. Department of Developmental Services- Work Activity Program (WAP)
  2. CARF standards for Activity Center Trainings-

For More Information

Please contact Shawnie McCleallan, Program Coordinator for Day and Work Activity Programs for Achievement House/ NCI Affiliates by phone at 805-238-6603 or by email at

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