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We at Achievement House are dedicated to providing services that encourage and support individuals with disabilities, so that they may successfully achieve their personal and professional goals.

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NCI Affiliates and Achievement House are nonprofit agencies providing vocational training and community living services and programs for adults with intellectual and physical disabilities.

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Achievement House offers both commercial and residential grounds keeping and lawn maintenance services. The crew provides basic lawn and yard care services.

Bulk Mailing Services

Our work programs provide accommodated employment within our facility. We can provide a wide range of services for our community. We will fold, staple, collate.



We offer commercial, industrial, and/or governmental janitorial cleaning services. Achievement House can provide your business with a reliable.

Outcomes Report

Through the Service Outcome Information System, NCI and AHI can track if each agency is being efficient and effective in providing program access to individuals with disabilities, as well as striving to satisfy all stakeholders that are apart of these efforts. Once the findings are collected, they are shared through the Annual Performance Report.

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